How I Read & Learn in 2019

I am a library addict.

On the first page of image search results for “lie with statistics”

Why does this matter?

On her way to out-read 75% of Americans.

What gets measured, gets managed.

Thus causing the phenomenon that there is exponentially more people who have an opinion on any given book, say, Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century than those who have actually read it.
Peter Drucker definitely knew his nerdy business answer to “If a tree falls in a forest?

What should we measure when we talk about reading?

Hacks, Cheating, and Cheating Hacks

Required Investment Versus Return

Audiobooks: prospecting for gold, this is the lowest investment medium. The goal is to get a large exposure to the book in the cheapest expenditure of attention. Listening to things at 2x speed.
E-Books: searching for specific quotes and stats, this is the middle investment medium. In my experience, e-books depending on the context solve both many problems while not solving any of them well.
Physical Books: the classic and original book, for reinforcement and gestation, this is the highest investment medium. With the previous forms of exposure, ideally you know exactly what the value proposition is, and can go right to a chapter specifically for certain passages.

Reading as an Effective Executive

The Future of Reading and Learning

Bonus: The Prodigal Non-Fiction Son Returns

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